Democrats increasingly 'nervous' about Biden's chances in 2024: Reports

 December 6, 2023

They tried to downplay it since he announced his intentions to run for a second term, but Democrats are finally coming around to admitting that they're "nervous" about President Joe Biden's chances in 2024.

According to Breitbart, Democrats have raised alarms over Biden's "lack of urgency" regarding his 2024 presidential campaign, which continues to struggle to gain much-needed ground.

Biden is plagued by not only embarrassingly low polling numbers, but also his age-related and very obvious mental and physical decline.

It's not uncommon for the 81-year-old president to take a fall, jumble his words, or get confused and lost in doing something so simple as exiting a stage after a speech.

Shockingly, NBC News, in a recent report, pointed out that Democrats are becoming increasingly nervous regarding his ability to run a successful campaign against former President Donald Trump. It also pointed out that he doesn't seem to be taking third-party candidates seriously.

The report read:

Democrats nervous about the president’s low approval ratings, and recent national polling showing him trailing or within the margin of error of Donald Trump in a potential rematch, have begun sounding the alarm about what they see as the lack of urgency on the part of Biden’s team.

Breitbart noted:

Biden’s 2024 bid appears to put Democrats in a bind due to his age and the fact that the Democratic Party does not have a “plan B” if Biden does not run for reelection “for any reason,” establishment media outlets reported last week.

The third-party threat alone is cause for concern for anyone who can read. Polls that insert the third-party candidates against Biden and Trump in hypothetical matchups clearly show Biden taking the most loss in support.

Couple that with his record-low polling numbers and lack of excitement by his base, let alone voter blocs -- like independents and minorities -- that he needs to stand a chance at winning, and it's clear to see why Dem Party members would be extremely uneasy at this point.

It's not only the possibility of Biden losing, but it's the fallout down the ticket if he does lose. Democrats across the country will undoubtedly take a hit.

"Reuters spoke to multiple current and former officials who, while making clear they want Biden to succeed, acknowledge the party could face upheaval should the oldest president in U.S. history encounter a health issue or step aside for other reasons during the White House contest," a Reuters report read.

Biden used to enjoy blanket protection from most of the mainstream media, but even his old pals in that industry know that the president -- and the Democratic Party - are in a serious bind.

Many have suggested that the DNC will swap Biden out, but that move brings up another wrench in the gears called Vice President Kamala Harris, who polls as bad or worse than her boss.

Only time will tell what the Democratic Party ultimately decides, but whatever it is, it'll have to be sooner than later, as the election is now 11 months away.