Democrats Furious Over Popularity Of Chick-fil-A

 December 30, 2023

Some sad news coming in for Chick-fil-A, perhaps the most respected fast-food chain in the history of the world.

The company has built its reputation on amazing food, fair prices, incredible customer service and satisfaction, and staying true to its values.

Values that are consistent with the company's Christian roots, which is why the restaurant is always closed on Sundays.

It's also why Chick-fil-A might be the next Donald Trump, in that it might very well be the next target that liberals try to destroy out of pure hatred.

Liberals aren't just annoyed by Christianity, they 100% DESPISE it.

As a result, Chick-fil-A is a prime target for liberal lawmakers looking to prove a point about removing Christianity from this country.

New York state Rep. Tony Simone is one activist leading the charge, recently trying to introduce a bill that would remove Chick-fil-A from roadway rest areas because it's closed on Sundays. He said:

"While there is nothing objectionable about a fast food restaurant closing on a particular day of the week, service areas dedicated to travelers is an inappropriate location for such a restaurant.

Go kick rocks, Tony. I'll be eating my chicken Monday through Saturday, thank you.