Democrats cry foul, claim Congress holding FBI director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress to help Donald Trump

 June 5, 2023

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) went on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday to complain about Republicans holding FBI director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for withholding documents from the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

During the interview, anchor Dana Bash asked Raskin, "Let’s go back to the initial question about how much access the Congress will get to this document, whether you can actually have it. If the roles were reversed, and you found out that the FBI had a document containing an allegation about Donald Trump, wouldn’t you want unfettered access to that document?"

Raskin responded by saying, "Well, of course, you always want unfettered access, but remember, you’re talking to somebody who was in the majority when Donald Trump was president when he ordered every department of U.S. government not to comply in any way with requests of that House Oversight Committee... What they’re really going after is a contempt citation against him, and it’s all part of what Chairman Comer admitted was an effort to get Donald Trump’s poll numbers out. It’s all about the 2024 campaign."

It's interesting to note that Raskin doesn't attempt to hide his partisan bias. He and other Democrats would do everything in their power to obtain information on Donald Trump if they believed it would help them politically.

Raskin then goes on to complain about Republican's political motivations and ignores the very real issue that Republicans are dealing with.

The FBI has become a partisan agency that is protecting the Democrat Party and refusing to comply with Congress' oversight requests. This is both a constitutional issue and a trust issue as Americans no longer trust the FBI to be nonpartisan and objective.