Democrats' Chances To Replace Biden Are Narrowing

 September 16, 2023

Is it too late for Democrats to find a suitable replacement for Joe Biden?

The two key questions are whether there is enough time and whether they even want to replace him.

A growing number of Democrats seem to be warming up to the idea of putting up somebody other than Biden on the ticket in 2024, but who would it be?

RFK Jr. is trying his best, but he might have a little too much common sense in him for liberals to support him.

Michelle Obama has been mentioned again and again, but that just shows how desperate some liberals are getting. Barack Obama's wife has insisted again and again that she wouldn't want to be America's president. Still, many Democrats see her as the best option in 2024.

Marianne Williamson is another one of Biden's primary challengers, but voters do not seem any more motivated by her than they do RFK Jr.

The next name on the list might actually be that of Hillary Clinton.

It just shows you how much trouble Democrats are actually in.