Democrats beginning to mutiny over Biden administration response to classified documents scandal

 January 15, 2023

President Biden and the White House have chosen to be tight-lipped about the ongoing classified documents scandal and the president's Democrat allies are beginning to lose patience.

Ever since classified documents were discovered in Joe Biden's garage and a private office in Washington, D.C., the Democrat Party has been in crisis about how to proceed.

Biden was expected to announce that he would be running for President again in 2024 in February. Now with a full investigation happening, many Democrats want him to hold off on a major announcement.

For Democrats in Congress, the problem is how to handle questions and attacks from Republicans.

One anonymous Democrat Congressperson told the media that, "I presume they’re trying to line up the facts and give us guidance. But we’re also hanging out here."

If the Biden administration doesn't come clean soon, they could have a major mutiny on their hands. President Biden's 2024 plans could be doomed already and that is before a full investigation is conducted.