Democrats Beg Biden To Declare Emergency As Migrants Flood NYC

August 1, 2023

More than 50 Democrats in New York City are begging President Joe Biden to declare a "state of emergency" in the sanctuary city as they are hit with an "unprecedented" wave of illegal immigration.

The streets of the Big Apple are literally flooded with illegal immigrants right now.

Over 90,000 of them have arrived in the city in just the last year alone.

New York City is hard enough to navigate for people who have lived there for their entire lives.

How are these illegal immigrants supposed to know what to do?

Gotham is hard enough to afford for people who have lived there for their entire careers.

What are these people with no documentation and very little English speaking skills going to do?

Liberals used to think that they were "helping" these immigrants by dumping them in sanctuary cities.

Now, 54 Democrats in New York City are admitting that their plan did the exact opposite.

"Our city is at a breaking point," the Democrats wrote to the commander in chief.

Told you so.

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