Democrat Tom Suozzi thinks appearance alongside Joe Biden would hurt his electoral chances

 February 8, 2024

With just DAYS before his upcoming election, former Democratic Representative Tom Suozzi is avoiding President Joe Biden like the plague.

“I can pretty much guarantee the president is not going to be coming to campaign,” Suozzi said in a recent interview on CNN.

Suozzi is currently in the middle of his own campaign to secure former Rep. George Santos’ seat in Congress.

“It’s a very tough seat,” he continued.

Suozzi believes that any sightings of him and President Joe Biden together would only hurt his chances.

“I don’t think it would be helpful, just as I don’t think Donald Trump would be helpful to my opponent,” Suozzi also said in the interview.

However, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is not buying what Suozzi is trying to sell in terms of his links to Biden.

According to the NRCC spokeswoman, Savannah Viar, says that Suozzi sided with Biden “100% of the time while in Congress.”

Suozzi is not fooling anyone! The sooner he gives up the act, the better.