Democrat Sherman Not Sure Whether To Believe Biden Or Not

Why does Joe Biden have such a tough time telling the truth?

It's getting so bad these days that even Democrats aren't sure whether or not to believe the old man.

Whether it's because he's lying or just confused, one thing is clear: Joe Biden doesn't know what the heck he's talking about, regardless of what topic he's on at the moment.

Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, recently appeared on a Bloomberg podcast and admitted that even Democrats like him are having trouble trusting Biden's assurances that America's banking system is safe and sound.

"Well, as we talk about the interest rate risk they’re facing, that’s not something that goes away in the immediate near term, and yet, what we consistently hear from the regulators themselves, from the Treasury Department, from the President himself, others in the administration is that the banking system is sound and resilient? Is it not as sound, as resilient as they are trying to present, Congressman? What is your true read on the situation?" the host asked Sherman.

"Well, as part of the government, I’m supposed to go on radio and tell you that all the banks are sound," he said. Obviously that wasn't good enough, and he gave his real answer once pressed:

We don’t know until we get interest rate risk analysis, both on marketable securities held for sale, marketable securities held — designed to be held for maturity, and on portfolios. It’s as if the banks and the regulators have deliberately blinded themselves to that risk. And it’s particularly absurd for the Fed to blind itself to the possibility that interest rates would go up, because they’re in charge of pushing the interest rates up.