Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal hospitalized after fracturing femur

 April 10, 2023

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) was hospitalized with a fractured femur suffered during a victory parade for the UConn Men’s Basketball team. He underwent surgery on Sunday, and so far, it appears there have been no complications.

A bystander was shooting a video of the 77-year-old senator when that individual tripped and fell on Blumenthal.

A tweet from Blumenthal on Saturday stated, "Thanks to Chris & everyone for the well wishes. I did indeed fracture my femur after a fellow parade goer tripped & fell on me during the parade today. Routine surgery tomorrow just to make sure everything heals properly. I expect a full recovery!"

While luckily Blumenthal is alright, his unfortunate injury shines a spotlight on the advanced age of many of our nation's congressional members.

Blumenthal is nearly 80 years old serving in his 3rd term in the Senate, and has held office since 2011.

While Blumenthal plans to be back to work in Washington after his recovery, it's worth wondering if it is time to implement age limits in Congress.