Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. goes on Joe Rogan show, makes shocking comments

 June 19, 2023

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast and made some stunning comments.

Kennedy appeared on the controversial show and reiterated his anti-vaccine stance and discussed his conspiracy theory about his uncle JFK's assassination.

RFK said "people are very concerned with letting you say things that are going to get them in trouble" because he was considered a "kind of looney" when it came to vaccines.

"Kennedy went into detail about how he, as an environmental lawyer, was approached by a woman with an autistic son who changed his outlook on vaccination," reported the New York Post.

Kennedy also doubled down on his conspiracy theory that the CIA had something to do with the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

"What do you think happens when you get into office? Like, if you’re talking about your uncle who was assassinated and you believe the intelligence agencies were a part of that, what happens to you?" Rogan asked on the show.

"Well, I got to be careful," Kennedy answered.

"And I’m aware of that — I’m aware of that danger. I don’t live in fear of it, you know, at all. But I’m not stupid about it, and I take precautions," Kennedy added.

The United States government concluded that convicted shooter Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole actor in the 1963 murder of JFK. The government also said there was no credible evidence that Oswald was part of a conspiracy to assassinate the JFK.

Rogan and Kennedy also discussed the presidential hopeful's book on former U.S. chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci, called The Real Anthony Fauci.

"In the 2021 book, the presidential hopeful accused Fauci of assisting in 'a historic coup d’etat against western democracy' and promoted unproven COVID treatments such as ivermectin, which is meant to treat parasites, and the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine," reported the Post.

Rogan said, "If what you were saying was not true, you would have been instantly sued … it was so disturbing that sometimes I had to go and read fiction at times."