Pollak: Democrats 'stuck' with Biden so he can protect his family

By Jen Krausz on
 May 13, 2023

Breitbart's Joel Pollak asserted on Friday that Democrats are "stuck with a failing President Joe Biden" so that he can stay in office and pardon son Hunter and other family members if any charges are filed in their payoff schemes.

Even though the New York Times is trying to claim that a congressional report showed that Biden did nothing wrong, there may be fallout from the news that family members took $10 million from other countries, including hostile ones, and funneled it through over a dozen shell companies.

The Times did admit that Biden lied ("misled") about the family's business dealings and his involvement in and knowledge of them.

It turns out that letting foreign governments give your family millions of dollars might not be illegal if you didn't actually say you'd do anything for them--or then again, it might be, depending on how it was done.

Pollak thinks Biden started letting his family take payouts when he thought his political career was almost over -- thinking that Hillary Clinton would be president in 2016, and he would retire. But when Hillary lost, Biden saw another chance to be president and oops -- he now had to do his best to cover up the payments and hide his retirement scheme.

The Hunter Biden laptop exposed the extent of the Biden family's interdependence on each other, even financially, and brought suspicions to light that have now turned into evidence. What happens next is anyone's guess, but Pollak thinks Biden would go to his grave before he would let his family go down for this.