Democrat Party cancels all 2024 primary debates

 April 30, 2023

The Democrat Party, which prides itself as the party of democracy, has announced that no primary debates will be held in 2024 to protect President Joe Biden from any challengers.

The decision came after Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced he would run against Biden in 2024. RFK's candidacy sent the White House into a panic as it gives disgruntled Democrats someone to support over Biden for the Democrat nomination.

RFK stated, "I’m not running a mean-spirited campaign against Joe Biden. I’ve been friends with Joe Biden for 40 years. I’m grateful for his service to our country and his family’s service to our country. But I just disagree fundamentally with him on where the country is going."

The White House rightly recognized that RFK's candidacy is a legitimate threat to Biden's reelection campaign and more importantly, that RFK's decision could force Biden into debates that he can't survive.

So, the DNC has flown to Biden's rescue and shut down any possibility of disgruntled Democrat voters replacing him with someone they feel would be better for the country.

Unlike Biden, RFK is a centrist Democrat who said, “I don’t want Wall Street running the country. I don’t want the neocons running our foreign policy. I don’t like censorship. I think I’m skeptical about war." Such radical positions virtually ensure that the Democrat machine will do everything to stop him from stepping onto a stage with Joe Biden.