Democrat Legislator David Scott Reportedly Missing, Office Won't Respond...

November 15, 2022

Democrat Rep. David Scott of Georgia is reportedly missing, and his office is not responding to inquiries.

"A Democratic legislator is missing from the House of Representatives and potentially denying Democrats one vote as they try to stop the GOP’s narrow majority from taking control of the House," reports Breitbart.

"Rep. David Scott (D-GA), age 77, has not been seen in public for weeks, even during his landslide win on election day. His disappearance has prompted chatter that he is incapacitated or worse," reported Breitbart.

Scott is expected to appear in Congress on Jan. 3 to be sworn in as the representative for the 13th District of Georgia. The district is south of Atlanta and is overwhelmingly African American.

Scott’s campaign has not posted anything reassuring on Twitter or Facebook.

"They released a photo through his Twitter account with a claim that he was receiving an award," GOP rival Caesar Gonzales told Breitbart News. "The photo had been altered and they showed a separate picture of the plaque with a date of October 29 … by itself," said Gonzales, a former rocket engineer who now lives in the district.

"They also had a video on his YouTube channel dated October 29th," Gonzales added. "Problem is the foliage behind him was bright green. We are in Fall, with multicolored foliage. Turns out they aired the very same video — in June."

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