Democrat lawmaker says 'prices are still too high' in Biden economy

September 6, 2023

As CNN and other liberal media personalities finally begin to acknowledge President Joe Biden's poor poll numbers and general unpopularity, one Democrat lawmaker decided to get at least somewhat honest about what's going on with voters.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) acknowledged Monday on CNN's Situation Room that “prices are still too high, gas prices are high, food prices are high. People have had a tough time.”

Anchor Jim Acosta pointed to a "disconnect between the White House messaging and how Americans feel," saying that "there are a lot of metrics out there that say that the economy is doing fine."

"But Americans aren’t saying that when they’re asked by pollsters. What’s going on?” Acosta asked.

Khanna then demurred, saying that Biden is "trying to reverse the decline of the working class for the last 40 years."

But in reality, Biden has spent the U.S. into raging and persistent inflation that forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to the highest levels in over 20 years. That makes the typical U.S. debt lifestyle untenable, and hopefully, people are feeling it hard enough to vote the bums out in 2024.

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