Democrat lawmaker arrested for drunk driving

 July 14, 2023

Representative Dan Wolgamott, the deputy minority leader of the Minnesota House, was arrested last week for drunk driving. The arrest followed a report from an observer who claimed to have witnessed Wolgamott consuming vodka alone in a liquor store parking lot.

"Wolgamott was pulled over by a Minnesota State Patrol officer on the highway following a report from an observer who claimed to have seen the Democratic lawmaker consuming vodka alone in a liquor store parking lot," the incident report stated.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed Wolgamott's vehicle swerving, the absence of a front license plate, and an expired registration. Wolgamott's performance on the officer's field sobriety tests was poor, according to the incident report.

Notably, a breathalyzer test administered to Wolgamott recorded his blood alcohol level at 0.106 percent, exceeding the legal limit of 0.08 percent. As a result, he was arrested on charges of driving while impaired.

Recognition and Support for Law Enforcement

Wolgamott's arrest comes shortly after being named Legislator of the Year by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. The organization's executive director praised Wolgamott as a "true friend and supporter of law enforcement and increased public safety."

Progressive Priorities and Controversial Votes

Representative Wolgamott has a history of supporting progressive priorities in the Minnesota House. According to the Free Beacon, he has been involved in advocating for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, sponsoring a bill to allow permanent absentee voting, and voting for legislation that would permit abortions for any reason at any point in a pregnancy.

Concerns Over Wolgamott's Actions

Wolgamott's arrest for drunk driving raises concerns about his judgment and ability to fulfill his duties as a legislator. His position as the deputy minority leader of the Minnesota House adds significance to the scrutiny surrounding his actions and decisions.

Accountability and Public Reaction

Wolgamott's arrest has elicited public reaction, with individuals expressing their disappointment and calling for accountability. The incident raises questions about the expectations placed on elected officials and the need for them to uphold the highest standards of conduct.


In conclusion, the arrest of Representative Dan Wolgamott for drunk driving has raised concerns about his actions and ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a legislator. His recent recognition as Legislator of the Year by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association adds an additional layer of significance to this incident. The progressive priorities he has supported and controversial votes he has cast further contribute to the public's scrutiny of his conduct. It is essential for elected officials to uphold the trust placed in them by the public and demonstrate responsible behavior. Stay informed about any developments in this matter and share this article on Twitter and Facebook to encourage a thoughtful discussion about the accountability of elected officials.