WA Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee Will Not Seek Another Term

There had been months of speculation about whether or not progressive Governor Jay Inslee of Washington was going to seek a fourth term.

On May 1, we finally got our answer.

"During a decade of dynamic change, we’ve made Washington a beacon for progress for the nation," Inslee said before declaring he will NOT seek another term as Washington's governor.

You may remember Inslee from his brief presidential run back in 2020. He didn't win.

Back then, two prominent Washington Democrats, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Land Commissioner Hilary Franz, were considered the frontrunners to replace Inslee after he would have won the presidency.

Obviously, Inslee failed and didn't come anywhere close.

Interestingly, those two names are being floated again as the most likely to replace Inslee.

It is expected that a Democrat is going to succeed Inslee, as even with his horrible record he defeated Republican Loren Culp by 13 points last election.

Washington state is just that blue, and unfortunately, it doesn't appear ready to change.