Democrat Jamie Raskin falsely claims Donald Trump was convicted of insurrection and is disqualified to run for President

 August 28, 2023

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) falsely claimed that the U.S. Senate had convicted former President Donald Trump of insurrection during an interview with CNN on Sunday.

Raskin claimed, "Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for inciting an insurrection against the union, and then 57 of 100 senators determined as a Constitutional fact that Donald Trump had incited an insurrection."

What Raskin failed to mention is that convicting then-President Trump required a two-thirds vote, not a simple majority, which is why Trump was not removed from office but rather left office at the end of his term.

Raskin further stated, "I agree with the law professors out there saying, as well as Mr. Hutchinson, that Donald Trump is disqualified as if he were running and not a born U.S. citizen and if he were running and 24 years old."

Well, either Raskin and the host of law professors don't understand basic U.S. law, or they are willingly lying to the public in order to push a narrative that Trump should not be on the ballot in 2024.

Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives but the Senate failing to convict him means those charges against Trump mean nothing. The only reason Democrats are talking about this is because they are desperate for any tool to get Trump removed from the race.