Democrat Dean Phillips Tells Biden To 'Pass The Torch'

 August 15, 2023

Well, Jake Tapper was the first.

But after he fell just recently and started looking around and wondering when President Joe Biden would actually be held accountable for his actions, other Democrats started to join in.

That number now includes Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota.

Tapper wants to know why Biden and his family aren't being held to the same standard that Donald Trump is.

Joe Biden was clearly involved in son Hunter's business dealings. The best-case scenario is that Hunter only used his dad's name and presence all the time to secure lucrative opportunities.

Even Phillips knows it's time for Biden to "pass the torch."

"The call to action is to ask the president to pass the torch," Phillips recently said on Tapper's CNN show.

"I think it’s fairly clear that Hunter Biden, a former addict — this is unsavory, probably unethical, and possibly illegal, some of what he did, we will find out," Phillips said.