Democrat Chris Coons admits party has no options besides rapidly declining Biden

May 1, 2023

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), who is co-chairman for the Biden 2024 campaign, responded to concerns about the president's failing health by claiming there were no "alternatives."

During an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday, anchor Martha Raddatz asked Coons, "The president says watch me and some of those people have watched him and still have doubts. What would you say to them about those stumbles and about rambling sometimes."

Coons responded by saying, "Martha, compare him to the alternatives and recognize the value of experience and seasoning, recognize that his values align better with where we want America to go. And in my meetings and conversations with him and public and private, I am more often the person that goes ‘um, you know, the new senator from Missouri’ than he does."

President Biden's failing health has become so problematic that his every interaction with the outside world has become heavily controlled. Biden's rare press conferences are heavily vetted and controlled to ensure he doesn't have to go off script.

President Biden is in such poor health that Democrats are determined to keep him as far from a debate stage as possible. Coons' statement is a full admission that the only reason Biden is running next year is because Democrats have no one else.

That says volumes about the Democrat Party that their best candidate is an 80-year-old who can barely walk and loses track of basic conversations.