Democrat Calls For Trump Assassination

 June 20, 2023

Stacey Plaskett, a lawmaker from the Virgin Islands, recently said what many liberals had been wishing for lately, but hadn't come right out and said just yet:

Plaskett said that "Donald Trump needs to be shot, stopped." She noted:

Having Trump not only have had the codes, but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort with anyone and everyone who comes through, should be terrifying to all Americans. And he needs to be shot, stopped.

Will any Democrats denounce the liberal for saying this?

It's doubtful.

"And that’s the thing I’m concerned about with many of colleagues in the GOP that they believe there is a two-tiered system, but the two-tiered system is not to punish them more, it’s they want it to let them to get away with more than every day Americans," Plaskett continued. "Whether it’s rolling down our belief and causing Americans to distrust the FBI [and] the Department of Justice, it’s all a mechanism and all a part of their propaganda to make Americans believe that they in fact are above the law."