Demi Moore talks about Bruce Willis, their children in new interview

By Jen Krausz on
 February 2, 2024

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have three adult children together, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, and the actress shared how she deals with their feelings about their father's frontotemporal dementia diagnosis.

"What I'll share is what I say to my children, which is: it's important to just meet them where they're at and not hold onto what isn't, but what is,” Moore said on Andy Cohen's radio show.

She added, “Because there's great beauty and sweetness and loving and joy out of that."

Tallulah said in November that her father was "the same," and the same month, Rumer posted that she "missed" him.

Willis is best known for the Die Hard movies and a starring role in TV's Moonlighting, a 1980s sitcom co-starring Cybil Shepherd.

He has not been able to act since his aphasia diagnosis in 2022, which later turned into dementia.