Dem pollster says Trump has higher approval rating with Democrats than Biden

By Jen Krausz on
 December 10, 2023

Stan Greenberg, a Democrat pollster and pundit, said Friday that according to his research, former President Donald Trump has a higher approval rating with Democrats than President Joe Biden does.

Greenberg was specifically looking at young voters, Hispanics, and Blacks as a group. Nationally among all voters, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that Trump's approval rating is now four points higher than Biden's.

"We’re behind in this race in the base," Greenberg went on. "Approval of the president is lower than that of Trump in the base. Probably the hardest part about that is that if the issues at play, it’s not just we’re not doing well now and inevitably the structure of the race will come back.”

In other words, Biden is behind, and that's not likely to change any time soon.

He added, “I think we’re dealing with issues of prices, wages not keeping up with inflation. We’re dealing with crime. We’re dealing with the border. We’re dealing with issues that eroding our people on the issues."

Greenberg did think there was "a path" to get those voters back, but he didn't specify what Biden should do. Maybe get out of the race?