Delusion In The White House And Bloodshed In Israel

October 11, 2023

The Free Press For Free People, also known as, has some brutal truths about Joe Biden's administration and the situation in Israel that the people of America need to hear.

Hundreds are dead, thousands are wounded, and at least 100 are being held hostage.

Israel is at war right now, and some Americans are trapped right in the middle of it.

And what is Joe Biden's White House doing?

According to, they're bringing delusion into the White House. does NOT think that Joe Biden has done enough to deter terrorists, especially lately.

In fact, the publication accuses Biden of actually being an ally of Hamas, reportedly working to "relieve pressure" on the terrorist organization:

Since taking office, the Biden administration has taken numerous steps to relieve pressure on Hamas and its international patrons as a means of restoring U.S. foreign policy to the way it was under Barack Obama, complete with a resurrected Iran nuclear deal.

Push has come to shove.

It's time to see what side Joe Biden is really on.

The Free Press For Free People doesn't think we'll like the answer.

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