Death of Angela Chao, billionaire sister-in-law of Mitch McConnell, under investigation

By Jen Krausz on
 March 2, 2024

Police are still investigating the drowning death of Angela Chao, the billionaire CEO of international bulk dry shipping giant Foremost Group, in a pond on a Texas ranch owned by a corporation connected to Chao's husband, Jim Breyer, more than two weeks after it happened on Feb. 11.

Chao was only 50 when she died, and police have said the circumstances were "not a typical accident." First responders spent an hour trying to get her out of her car and then tried to resuscitate her for 43 minutes.

"Although the preliminary investigation indicated this was an unfortunate accident, the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating this accident as a criminal matter until they have sufficient evidence to rule out criminal activity,” the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Thursday letter to state Attorney General Ken Paxton, according to CNBC.

It was quite a shocking way to die for someone so wealthy, and many questions about the incident remain. The paramount one: how and why did her Tesla end up in the pond with her in it?

Chao's sister Elaine is married to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Elaine headed the Labor Department under President George W. Bush and the Transportation Department during President Donald Trump’s administration.