Deadly collision between train, SUV raises more safety questions for Department of Transportation

 January 15, 2024

Tragedy struck in Melbourne, Florida, on Thursday when an SUV was struck by a train, killing the driver of the vehicle and injuring three passengers.

However, things only got worse for Melbourne on Friday when a pickup truck was also struck by a train, this time killing both the driver and the passenger.

The two terrible accidents just days apart have caught the attention of the National Transportation Safety Board, which is conducting a thorough investigation into the accidents.

A statement from the agency explained, "NTSB investigators arrived on site this morning to begin the on-scene portion of the investigation. They will be collecting perishable information and documenting the scene for several days. Investigators will work to better understand the safety issues at this crossing and will examine opportunities to prevent or mitigate these crashes in the future."

This series of incidents has raised serious questions about transportation infrastructure and safety, which is the last thing that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants to deal with right now.

Buttigieg's time in office has been questionable at best, and he seems ill equipped to solve real problems affecting Americans. His agency will have to find a way to restore public trust amid increasing fatalities and accidents.