David Weiss May Still Testify To Congress Despite DOJ Road Blocks

 September 7, 2023

Joe Biden's Department of Justice is NOT willing to play nice in the investigation into Hunter Biden.

It's pretty clear that America's liberals want there to be two separate sets of standards in America.

One standard exists for Donald Trump,which sets the precedent for how Republicans in this country should be judged.

And another exists for Hunter Biden, which they are trying to make the precedent for how all liberals in this country should be treated.

The Justice Department has already blocked multiple witnesses from testifying during Republicans' investigations into Biden family corruption.

Don't plan on that ending anytime soon.

That's why it's not a guarantee that Special Counsel David Weiss is going to testify to Congress, but there still may be a way to make it happen.

If Republicans are able to succeed in their bid to hear directly from Weiss, it could signal that SERIOUS problems are about to be heading the Biden family's way.

Just like it should be.