Daughter of Israeli tech magnate murdered in Hamas terrorist attack

 October 14, 2023

The Iran-backed Hamas terrorists who launched a horrifying, deadly attack on Israel last week, began their attack by slaughtering hundreds who were gathered at an outdoor concert.

According to Breitbart, it was confirmed in recent days that one of the people murdered at the concert was Danielle Waldman, the daughter of Israeli tech magnate Eyal Waldman.

While all of the gruesome killings were horrifying, Waldman's was notable given that her father was known for employing both Palestinian and Israeli developers at his tech company, Mellanox. Eyal Waldman eventually sold the company to U.S.-based tech giant NVidia for $7 billion.

The Israeli tech billionaire told CNN that his daughter, from Palo Alto, California, had flown to Israel for the special concert, known as "Supernova."

The Times of Israel reported, "Danielle and her boyfriend Noam attended the Supernova music festival, an all-night rave near Kibbutz Re’im on the Gaza border, which was attacked by the Hamas on Saturday and left more than 260 people dead, turning a peaceful party into a massacre. Others were injured or abducted by the terror group."

Eyal Waldman explained to CNN that he had seen evidence of his daughter's horrific murder, with the car she was in having been sprayed by bullets from multiple directions.

"I had hoped and thought that they may have been taken hostages to Gaza and that we would see them again," he said.

"I have seen exactly how she was murdered from two directions by at least three to five people that had attacked it," he added. "From the shells that we have found, there were at least three guns that were shooting at the car."

The young woman's death is one of many tragic stories unfolding in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Media outlets have dedicated significant airtime to the family members and friends of those who were murdered in the brutal assault.

Israel has vowed to retaliate against Hamas, who hide behind the dense civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

A growing number of Americans are thought to have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists, according to the latest information from the Biden administration.