DA Bragg says Trump is not an 'Officer of the United States'

By Jen Krausz on
 June 1, 2023

In an argument about why his indictment of former President Donald Trump should not be removed to a federal case as Trump requested, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said that Trump is not an "Officer of the United States."

An "Officer of the United States" is allowed to move a state case to federal court, but according to legal precedent set by several Supreme Court cases, the U.S. president and vice-president are not included as "officers" because they are elected, not appointed.

The argument by Bragg appears to be consistent with federal and constitutional law.

It could, however, derail a later effort to remove him from office using the 14th Amendment, which states that they can only be removed if they are an "Officer of the United States."

Democrats can't have it both ways, as much as they would like to.

Are Trump-haters being short-sighted in their efforts to get him in front of a New York jury of their peers? Only time will tell.