Cruz Upset Biden Shunned Israel's Netanyahu

 March 30, 2023

Earlier this week, American Ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, suggested that Benjamin Netanyahu would be visiting America's White House in the near future.

Joe Biden shut that rumor down as quickly as possible, telling America that Netanyahu would not be invited to the White House anytime soon.

Interesting, considering Netanyahu has been one of America's most valuable allies for quite some time.

Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz are absolutely furious that Biden is treating one of America's closest friends like this.

"We would always welcome our close allies, whether it’s Israel or the United Kingdom or Japan, but I think this is yet another piece of the Democratic Party’s now 27-year campaign to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu’s political standing in Israel and his governments," Cotton said, adding:

It’s an open secret—it’s not even a secret, it’s well-known that Bill Clinton worked to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud in 1996. He dispatched his campaign advisers there and it failed. In 1999, he did it again, and he lost—I don’t think that was a result of Bill Clinton’s meddling, I think that was a result of Benjamin Netanyahu’s own success in diminishing the Palestinian terror threat so Israeli voters were no longer focused on it as much. But then you saw it again time and again throughout the Obama administration—they acted like Benjamin Netanyahu was more of an adversary than an ally. Now you see it again under Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s understudy.

Cruz called it "utterly disgraceful."