Courts Can't Agree If Climate Change A State Or Federal Issue

 March 31, 2023

According to Daniel Jay Cameron's opinion article for Fox News, the U.S. Supreme Court has maintained for years "that lawsuits over air (and water) pollution that crosses state lines must be decided under federal law."

This is to make sure that overreaching states and cities cannot impose their will on territory that does not belong to them.

However, little things like the difference between legal and illegal have never dissuaded liberals from trying to get whatever they want.

Climate change lawsuits are currently pending in states across the country, such as Rhode Island New York, Maryland, Washington, California and Hawaii.

Cameron is calling these lawsuits undisguised "lawfare," meant to accomplish across the nation what liberals weren't able to get done at the federal ballot box.

This whole ordeal is just more proof that liberals are only interested in what's best for them, like expanding their control.

Whether it's in regard to the climate, taxes, war, the economy, whatever, liberals ALWAYS have their best interests at heart. Never yours.

This proves it yet again.