Court Could Ban Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro From Office

April 6, 2023

Brazil's Superior Electoral Tribunal may soon take some DRASTIC measures: imposing a ban on former President Jair Bolsonaro from running for office.

The basis of their possible move is apparently the allegations that Bolsonaro "spread disinformation about the nation’s electoral system during an official encounter with diplomats in July."

According to Breitbart, Bolsonaro is being accused of spreading misinformation about Brazil's electoral system in July 2022, in the middle of the country's presidential election campaign.

"The rich body of evidence gathered in the records, which was formed with extensive participation of the parties and the [Electoral Public Ministry], exhausts the purposes of the instruction," Brazilian judge Benedito Gonçalves said.

Videos of the meeting in which Bolsonaro reportedly made the claims were quickly deleted from Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Bolsonaro is also in the middle of a case about him bringing back jewelry from Saudi Arabia that was gifted to him. Apparently, he didn't appropriately report the gift, although Bolsonaro denies that anything was done in bad faith. He said:

If there was bad faith on the part of someone, they would not have been registered. Nothing was hidden. If the press divulges it, it is because there is a record saying that it was received.