Country star John Rich releases patriotic new tribute to America's veterans

November 12, 2023

Just in time for Veterans Day, country music stalwart John Rich has released a revamped version of 2009's “The Man,” a song that pays specific homage to World War II-era soldiers who comprised the “Greatest Generation,” as Breitbart reports.

Amid the song's release, Rich spent some time talking to the outlet about patriotism, his own family links to the military, and the concerns he has about the attitude of younger Americans toward the armed forces and those who have served.

In an effort to include actual veterans in the process of recording a new music video for the song's release, Rich and his film crew assembled a group of individuals who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and even in World War II.

According to Rich, the process of gathering the veterans together was facilitated with help from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, whose representatives got in touch with members who might be interested in participating in the shoot.

Rich explained, “I called a few personal friends who are veterans, and put a post out on X, calling for other World War II men.”

“It was an absolute honor to watch them all meet each other,” the Nashville hitmaker declared.

Despite the pride Rich felt among the group of veterans who came together for the video, he expressed to Breitbart News the doubts and concerns he harbors about the mindset of today's military-age citizens.

“I often wonder if America's youth would be willing to do what the Greatest Generation was willing to do should it come to that,” Rich said.

The country legend went on, “Sadly, I think the answer is 'no.' Many of our young people think freedom is inherited and not earned.”

Rich has never shied away from controversial opinions or from giving voice to those who often feel underrepresented in the current entertainment industry climate.

Releasing songs such as “PROGRESS,” “End of the World,” and “Shut Up About Politics,” Rich has established himself as a staunch representative of the common man and an outspoken critic of woke elites.

It is his unwavering dedication to his own values and perspectives that has led Rich to take aim at major record labels he says prevent artists from speaking their mind through the work they produce.

Speaking to Newsmax back in August, Rich explained, “we are constantly programmed to, and marketed to, and liked to, and manipulated by the music industry, the movie industry, entertainment industry in general.”

“I stepped away from the entire industry. I no longer have a record deal, publishing deal, or any other affiliation with any major company because I wanted to put out songs that I wanted to put out,” Rich added, and that is a principled stance that the roomful of veterans who helped create his latest video would almost certainly endorse.

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