Cotton: Biden Admin Making Excuses For China

 February 18, 2023

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, recently stopped by Fox News Channel.

While there, he made an appearance on America's Newsroom, where he reacted to an anonymous official declaring that the Chinese Spy Balloon was supposed to be over Guam and Hawaii by saying that it makes sense that Biden's team is trying to alter the true story.

Cotton thinks that Biden and other liberals are "now excusing China and apologizing for them."

The reason for that would be is that Biden doesn't want Americans to know what China is really up to.

If Americans knew what the Chinese government was really like, we would demand ALL influence of theirs be removed from America. Biden obviously can't have that; his financial deals depend on China.

His best hope is to get us to look the other way, according to Cotton, who said:

[Biden] has handled this entire balloon episode so poorly that you have bipartisan agreement. The briefing yesterday was an alarming report on the state of China’s military and the threat it poses to Taiwan and to our allies in the Western Pacific and ultimately, to America’s interests. That’s why President Biden’s reaction to this spy balloon is so alarming and dangerous for the American people. I mean, now you have Kamala Harris saying that it shouldn’t affect relationships. Joe Biden said it wasn’t a major breach to fly a spy balloon all across the United States. You even have administration officials now excusing China and apologizing for them, saying, well, they only meant to fly it over Guam and Hawaii, but a wind took it off course. Well, Dana, it must have been one heck of a wind to blow it all the way to Alaska and then down the continental United States and just coincidentally, blow it over our nuclear missile fields and command and control sites. It’s astonishing that the Biden administration is trying to turn the page on all of this, act like it never happened, apologize for Chinese Communists.