Cotton 9/11 op-ed says Biden open borders are 'gravest terror threat'

September 12, 2023

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said in a Sept. 11 op-ed for Fox News that President Joe Biden's open border policies are the "gravest terrorist threat to the homeland in years."

"Remember, it only took 19 Al Qaeda operatives to kill 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001," Cotton wrote. "Many, many times that number have almost assuredly crossed our southern border since Joe Biden took office."

The Border Patrol has already encountered 146 known terrorists at the border this year, which is almost a 50% increase over the 98 they encountered all of last year, Cotton noted. "And that’s just the ones we caught—no one knows how many made it through," he said.

Afghan evacuees were never properly vetted, and one whistleblower said at least 320 who are on the terror watch list are now in the U.S.

None of those numbers include the estimated 600,000 gotaways, which could include even more terrorists.

Cotton called for Biden to reinstitute the Remain in Mexico program to slow the flood coming into the country, but Biden doesn't really care if terrorists do attack. In fact, it would give him an excuse to crack down on everyone's freedoms, which he wants to do anyway.

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