Costco customers see 'star of death' on Bud Light, signaling possible end of restocking

By Jen Krausz on
 July 16, 2023

In yet another blow for Bud Light beer, Costco customers are reporting that they've noticed what they call the "star of death" on in-store pricing signs for the beer, which typically signals an end to restocking of a product.

“Is it just me…Or am I the only one who noticed that Costco has applied their infamous ‘Star of Death’ on Bud Light being sold!” said one Twitter user. ‘For those of you who don’t know… when Costco puts an * by any item. It means it’s about to be discontinued.”

Sales of the beer have dropped 24% since transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney posted online that Anheuser Busch had sent him a personalized can with his face on it, leaving many distributors with product they couldn't sell.

The company is now laying off workers as they slow or shut down production of the beer.

The Ardagh Group, a glass bottling company that supplied the beermaker, is reportedly closing several locations and laying off 645 employees.

“Because of Budweiser no longer selling the bottles, they no longer needed our product,” a spokesman said.