Woman Who Bilked Military Out Of $100M Allowed To Retire With Full Benefits

 January 30, 2024

The millionaire who completed the "biggest ever US Army scam" is being allowed to retire with full benefits despite an IRS criminal probe.

Janet Yamanaka Mello, age 57, isn't even sorry about the golden parachute she's being handed, asserting that "she's earned it."

Mello is being accused of running a shell company that allowed her to obtain money to which she never should have had access. She then used the funds to buy 80 supercars and 31 homes.

Arrested in December, she went on to plead not guilty.

Mello is due to return to court in February of 2024.

She currently resides in San Antonio and is not being held in jail despite being "accused of a mammoth six-year fraud that she kept hidden from army brass."

The accused reportedly created a shell company in 2016 to steal huge sums of cash meant for military youth programs across the country.