Controversial Legal Doctrine Could Be On Supreme Court's Chopping Block

Conservatives have their eyes set on their next target when it comes to the Supreme Court chopping block. It would appear as a long-standing legal doctrine that provides federal regulators sweeping powers could be eliminated very soon.

The four-decade-old precedent is known as the Chevron deference. It is "the notion that courts should defer to reasonable agency interpretations of ambiguities in congressional statutes and that judges should avoid attempting to decipher their own readings of the laws."

That means that if there's ever any gray area in the law, the Supreme Court has to defer to the federal government's decision.

That's NOT how America's system is supposed to work.

"So, we know in the Dobbs case, the abortion case, precedent got pushed aside. Now the question is, should the precedent established by the Chevron case also be pushed aside?" asked Thomas Cooke, a business law professor at Georgetown University.

Republican Mike Collins, a Representative from Georgia, is extremely passionate about ending "freedom-threatening rulemaking by federal agencies."

"Time and time again, we have seen the administrative state abuse the rights of Americans with legal interpretations that ignore or defy the legislative intent of Congress," Collins claimed.