Conservative influencer Mike Cernovich concedes Trump likely to win primary after indictment

By Jen Krausz on
 April 5, 2023

Conservative author, filmmaker and Twitter influencer Mike Cernovich said that while he supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the GOP candidate for president in 2024, he realizes that there's "no way" former President Donald Trump will lose the nomination battle after he was frivolously indicted on charges of falsifying business records.

“Everyone knows I wanted DeSantis for his competent governorship and ability to work and understand systems,” he posted on Twitter. “I only write what I feel to be true.”

“Anything can happen, that’s life, but no way Trump loses a primary after today,” he said. “He’s been elevated to an entirely new level.”

Instead, he now thinks DeSantis should become Trump's attorney general.

“DeSantis could completely transform this country for the better as Attorney General under President Trump,” he added.

It might be a long shot for DeSantis to do anything in Trump's cabinet, given that the former president has spent months talking DeSantis down and insulting him with nicknames like "Ron DeSanctimonious."