Congressional staffers briefed on how to stay safe in crime-ridden Washington DC

September 21, 2023

Democrats in Congress and in the mainstream media will swear until they're blue in the face that the crime problem is nothing more than a Fox News talking point.

However, according to Breitbart, that lie is dying quickly, as a bombshell recent development in the nation's capital once again proves that the uptick in crime around the country, partly due to soft-on-crime, radical progressive Democratic prosecutors, is very real and very dangerous.

During a recent meeting spearheaded by House Administration Committee Chairman Bryan Steil (R-WI), congressional staffers were advised to not be distracted while on their mobile devices, and warned not to wear jewelry in the crime den also known as Washington D.C.

"There’s no indication that crime is being reduced in our nation’s capital, so people are working to make sure that they’re protected," the Wisconsin Republican said at the meeting, which included members of the Capitol Police Department.

The meeting included tips to staffers on how to position their vehicles, and how to stay alert using public transportation as to mitigate their chances of being mugged.

Washington D.C., like most Democrat-run cities, has devolved in a drug-infested, crime ridden hell on Earth.

Criminals, who no longer fear prosecution as they once did, are committing muggings and acts of violence in broad daylight, making working in the nation's capitol a serious threat to one's life, which is horrifically sad and embarrassing, to say the least.

Breitbart noted:

Carjackings in D.C. are up 101 percent from where they were in 2022 and robberies are up 67 percent.

D.C. had witnessed 66 homicides by August 19, 2023, compared to 131 homicides by the same time in 2022. More juveniles had been shot and killed by August 19, 2023, than were shot and killed in all of 2022.

Gregg Pemberton, the head of the D.C. Police Union, also provided tips to remain as safe as possible. He suggested that congressional staffers avoid long cell phone calls while walking about, as such calls tend to limit one's awareness.

"It’s incredibly disturbing that people have to even be thinking about some of these things," the congressman told The Washington Times.

He added, "The fact that we are in a position in Washington, D.C., where that type of advice is needed to be given to visitors to Capitol Hill or to staff members on Capitol Hill is concerning."

Over the past two years, several D.C. staffers have found themselves victims of the dangerous conditions in the capital of what should be the safest country on the planet.

Sadly, the situation doesn't look like it will improve anytime soon, at least not until residents of the crime-ridden cities finally wake up and elect prosecutors and politicians who care about the safety of American citizens.

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