Congress Unmasks Plot To Protect Biden, Sully Trump

 June 27, 2023

They simply hate Donald Trump.

They hate him because despite the fact that he's a billionaire, he seems to be one of the only guys standing up for people that aren't even close to being millionaires.

Liberals don't like that.

They are used to keeping their club exclusive and private, so when somebody like Trump comes along, they'll do anything to avoid having to face reality. is reporting that Congress has recently uncovered a multi-year government plot with the intent on protecting Joe Biden's reputation and sullying Donald Trump's reputation.

And I'm not talking about "Sully" in a good way like that pilot who killed those geese but saved those people.

I'm talking about the old-fashioned way, before Tom Hanks was ever associated with the world.

They're trying to ruin Donald Trump for no reason other than they hate him.

Joe and Hunter are literal criminals bullying their way to financial superstardom.