Congress Needs To Ask Biden How He Earned Payment From Companies

October 31, 2023

Alex Marlow, the author of the new book Breaking Biden, thinks that he knows the perfect way to force the president into checkmate.

Simply ask him where he gets his money.

Where are the checks coming from, and what is he doing to deserve them?

There's really no way that any honest man would have trouble answering that question, so why haven't Republicans been putting Joe's feet to the fire and demanding that he do that?

Marlow recently laid out what House Oversight chair James Comer needs to do in order to get a little bit of control back from Biden, who insists on terrorizing this country.

"He needs to ask in each and every case -- it’s going to be exhausting -- ‘What did you do for these companies?’ James Biden, what did you do for these companies? Hunter Biden, what did you do for these companies? Frank Biden, and have them all explain what they were specifically doing," Marlow said.

The reason why Joe Biden needs to be involved?

Because Hunter Biden alone is guaranteed to lie.

Let's ask them both and see what answer they provide.