Comer warns Hunter Biden to show up for deposition or face contempt charge

By Jen Krausz on
 December 3, 2023

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) warned Hunter Biden that he should show up for his deposition on Dec. 13 ,or he would face contempt of court charges from the committee.

Hunter Biden has received special treatment his entire life,” Comer told the Just the News, No Noise television show Friday night. “Every government agency that should have caught the crimes the Bidens have been committed for years were told to stand down. And they think they can bully the Oversight Committee and set the rules. And that's not going to happen."

Comer pushed back on requests from Biden to make the deposition public, calling for "transparency," but Comer made it clear that his demands would not be made.

“We're going to treat this investigation like every congressional investigation in recent memory has been treated: you come in for a deposition, then you do the public hearing. All of our depositions are transparent. We released the transcripts,” he said.

"He is the key witness to all of the Biden crimes," Comer said in an explanation of why the deposition was so important to the committee.

While the current impeachment inquiry is not a formalized process, Comer received assurances on Friday that sufficient votes exist to make it one. This means that Biden defying a subpoena has real consequences, he said.