Comer sounds alarm about sizable 2018 'direct payment' from James Biden to Joe Biden

October 22, 2023

As the House Oversight Committee's probe into Biden family business dealings continues apace, panel chair James Comer (R-KY) has brought forward new information about a curious – and potentially problematic – “$200,000 direct payment” from James Biden to Joe Biden in 2018, as Fox News reports.

In light of the recently unearthed evidence regarding the funds transfer, Comer is calling on the president to provide answers to key questions about “financial arrangements” he appears to have had with several members of his family.

Earlier this fall Comer issued subpoenas for bank records – business and personal – for first son Hunter Biden and the president's brother, James Biden.

That records request, according to Comer, yielded information about a direct payment in the amount of $200,000 from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden, which took the form of a personal check.

By way of background, Comer outlined that James Biden had been the recipient of $600,000 worth of loans from a company called Americore and that those advances were made based largely on his representations that his family name would help the firm secure interest from Middle Eastern investors interested in leveraging the political connections it brought.

According to records reviewed by Comer's panel, on March 8, 2018, Americore sent $200,000 via wire to a personal bank account of James and Sara Biden, and on the very same day, James Biden wrote a check in the same amount, payable to his brother, Joe Biden.

Comer further noted that the check to Joe Biden was meant as a “loan repayment,” but that the source of the funds was Americore – a company known to have been in financial distress at the time – makes the scenario all the more unusual.

In the lawmaker's estimation, even if the check did represent “a personal loan repayment, it's still troubling that Joe Biden's ability to be paid back by his brother depended on the success of his family's shady financial dealings.”

In the wake of the discoveries, Comer declared, “Some immediate questions President Biden must answer for the American people: Does he have documents proving he lent such a large sum of money to his brother and what were the terms of such financial arrangement?”

“Did he have similar financial arrangements with other family members that led them to make similar large payments to him?” Comer wondered.

Suggesting that this revelation is far from the panel's last word, Comer added, “The House Oversight Committee will soon announce our next investigative actions and continue to follow the money. The bank records don't end here. There is more to come.”

The Republican from Kentucky elaborated on the findings even further during a Friday appearance on Hannity, as Breitbart reported,

“It's not just that they got a $200,000 payment that Joe Biden received a $200,000 payment. It's where the money came from. And the money came from Jim Biden, where he influence-peddled to a company in the United States that he went and said that he could help through his brother's contacts get capital from the Middle East,” Comer said.

Not surprisingly, the White House – through oversight and investigations spokesperson Ian Sams – said that Comer's panel has “turned up zero evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden – and that's because there is none” and labeled the latest revelation part of “failure theater” designed to be a “shiny object” to distract from the GOP's ongoing failure to tap a new House speaker.

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