Comer Says That Hunter Biden Message Implicates Joe Biden

 August 11, 2023

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, recently appeared on Newsmax TV to comment on what might be the single most damning piece of evidence against Joe Biden so far.

A message that was recovered from Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell." The message was sent from Hunter to his daughter, and it contained confirmation that Hunter was being forced to kick up half his salary to Big Daddy Joe Biden.

Comer called the recently resurfaced message "pretty damning evidence."

I'd have to agree, seeing as Joe Biden has insisted again and again that he's NEVER had anything to do with Hunter Biden's business deals.

Host Rob Schmitt said, "Here’s the bar, according to, I think, the legacy press and to the Democrat Party: Anything short of an HD video of Biden shaking hands with a Russian or a Chinese official thanking him for a bribe, saying that out loud, and promising to use his power in government to help advance their interests, anything short of that, at this point, is now just a total flop and not even worth investigating."

Comer replied, "Yeah, well, why are they blocking us from more bank records, Rob? If the President’s done nothing wrong, then they should allow us to see their personal bank records. You’ve seen the emails that showed that Hunter Biden was complaining to his daughter that he had to give half of his income to his father. That’s pretty damning evidence. So, Joe Biden has been implicated."