Comer says Oversight Committee has 'connected the dots' to Biden's pocket

By Jen Krausz on
 December 14, 2023

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) told Newsmax on Tuesday that Republican-led investigations have done their job of "connecting the dots" directly "to Joe Biden's pocket."

"We've traced two checks from influence-peddling schemes going directly into Joe Biden's pocket. We traced the fact that one of these checks that went into Joe Biden's back pocket was a $40,000 check that came from China that just happened to be part of a $400,000 check to the company that Joe Biden was supposed to be 10% owner of, the 'Big Guy', and lo and behold, that 40,000 ended up being 10%," Comer told Eric Bolling.

Comer said that Wednesday's scheduled deposition would give Hunter Biden the chance to answer questions about why millions of dollars were wired from foreign entities to him and then allegedly laundered to his father and other family members.

Hunter Biden defied the subpoena on Wednesday, however, saying that he would only testify publicly rather than privately as instructed.

The younger Biden said in a press conference at the Capitol, “Let me state as clearly as I can: My father was not financially involved in my business -- Not as a practicing lawyer. Not as a board member of Burisma, not in my partnership with a Chinese private businessman, not my investment at all nor abroad, and certainly not as an artist."

“There’s no evidence to support the allegations that my father was financially involved in my business, because it did not happen,” Biden added.