Comer Says FBI Tipped off Hunter Biden to Interview

 July 19, 2023

Recent revelations show that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was tipped off by FBI officials regarding their criminal probe into him. This information was relayed by House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), confirming significant parts of the allegations made by IRS whistleblowers.

This particular incident involves the FBI instructing a former supervisory special agent to not approach Biden, underlining the unusual circumstances surrounding the investigation.

The former FBI agent, after partaking in a transcribed interview with the committee, shared detailed information on the events. According to the agent, FBI officials, in December 2020, informed both the Secret Service and the Biden transition team about an upcoming interview. This was a part of their criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, a scenario that can be read in full at Breitbart.

Unusual Circumstances and Lost Opportunities for Interview

The agent elaborated that due to this preemptive tip-off, the planned interview with Hunter Biden never occurred. As the agent pointed out, this level of advance notice resulted in lost opportunities for an essential part of the investigation.

James Comer, while releasing a statement, described the situation. He noted that both the Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were informed about the interview on the eve before it was scheduled.

"On the day of the Hunter Biden interview, federal agents were told to stand by and could not approach Hunter Biden—they had to wait for his call."

Repercussions of the Altered Plans on Investigation

This modification in plans had significant repercussions. Comer further added, as a result of these changes, both IRS and FBI criminal investigators never got the opportunity to interview Hunter Biden. This missed interview could have provided critical insights into the ongoing investigation.

The agent further testified to the unusual nature of the circumstances. He stated that he had never been asked to wait to be contacted by the subject of a probe before, which suggests a deviation from the standard protocol.

IRS Whistleblowers' Claims and Allegations

This revelation comes in the light of claims made by IRS whistleblowers who are scheduled to testify before Congress. They accuse President Joe Biden's Justice Department of politically interfering in the criminal probe into his son. The allegations are severe and warrant a thorough investigation.

Among the many accusations, the whistleblowers specifically claim that the FBI's investigation provided Hunter Biden with foreknowledge of any future searches for potential evidence. This allegation, if proven true, could significantly affect the course of the investigation.

They also alleged Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf refused to allow investigators to ask about Joe Biden being "the big guy." Wolf also allegedly cautioned the investigation team from searching Joe Biden’s guest house in Delaware for evidence against Hunter Biden because of "optics."

Response from the Attorney General and Future Proceedings

The whistleblowers' allegations were denied by Attorney General Merrick Garland, who rejected the claim that Biden's DOJ interfered in the criminal tax probe against Hunter Biden. Despite these refutations, the allegations remain serious and call for a comprehensive and transparent inquiry.

In recent developments, Hunter Biden agreed in June to plead guilty to two federal tax violation charges and one gun law violation charge. His appearance before a judge is scheduled for July 26, wherein the judge is expected to accept the plea deal.

  • House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer announced that FBI officials tipped off Hunter Biden about the criminal probe against him, confirming IRS whistleblower allegations.
  • The former FBI agent never got the chance to interview Hunter Biden due to this tip-off.
  • IRS whistleblowers accuse the Justice Department of political interference in the probe against Hunter Biden.
  • Allegations include the FBI’s investigation forewarning Hunter Biden of any future evidence searches, and restrictions imposed on questioning and evidence searching by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf.
  • Attorney General Merrick Garland denied the allegations of interference by Biden's DOJ in the probe.
  • Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to two federal tax violation charges and one gun law violation charge.

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