Comer May Subpoena Hunter Biden's Art Dealer: Report

 March 15, 2023


From the moment Hunter Biden started peddling his "art," we ALL knew that it's not because he's a talented artist. Let's be honest, his pieces look like something out of an elementary school finger painting class. It was because the art industry was the perfect industry to hide where he gets his money from that he suddenly discovered his artistic side.

You see, in the art world, it is HIGHLY frowned upon to disclose who bought what paintings. That makes sense, as people don't want to advertise that they have million-dollar pieces ripe for stealing. But it also means that the entire industry is PERFECT for criminals, because they are under no obligation to disclose where money is coming from or where it's going.

That's exactly why Hunter is in the "art" industry.

According to Republican James Comer of Kentucky, Hunter Biden's art dealer isn't helping things either, saying that Georges Bergès has "chosen to obstruct" almost every step along the way.

If Georges doesn't knock off his nonsense soon, Comer's content to take it to court.

"Although your client has refused to produce any documents, the Committee will extend another opportunity for Mr. Bergès and the Georges Bergès Galleries LLC to adequately respond to our request,” Comer said to Bergès' lawyer. "He has chosen to obstruct."

And if Bergès and his lawyer don't comply?

It's subpoena time.