Comer Investigation Biden's Biggest Anxiety Source Now That Debt Deal Done

It sounds ridiculous, but America almost encountering a catastrophic debt default isn't even the most concerning thing to Joe Biden these days.

If Joe isn't careful, investigations into his family's corruption are going to make sure that his legacy goes from concerning to outright disgraceful.

Representative Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, recently explained just how far Joe Biden and his cronies are willing to go to make sure that the American public never find out the truth about his family:

The Biden Department of Justice is scrambling to cover up the depth of the Biden family’s corruption because of the vast network of Democrat bureaucrats involved in their scheme.

It was next that Banks dropped the BOMB:

This is a scandal far worse than Watergate, and they must be held accountable.

Far worse than Watergate is obviously a very aggressive claim, but when you think of all of the people involved in this coverup, it's perfectly fair.

The Clintons, the Obamas, America's FBI, the Chinese government, Russian businesses...

If a Republican like Donald Trump was engaging in ANY of these secret deals, America's media and crime divisions would be all over him.

For some reason, Joe Biden and his family have just been allowed to carry on what they've been doing.

If true justice takes its course, they'll all be stopped very soon.