Comer Destroys Biden Reasoning Behind $200k Bribery Check

October 25, 2023

James Biden wrote Joe Biden a check for $200,000 literally the same day that same amount was put into his bank account by Americore, a failing rural hospital operator.

Americore had given the money to James because of the connections and opportunities the Biden family name provides, which is directly tied to the power of Joe Biden.

James Biden turned around and gave that same $200,000 to Joe Biden that day, saying, according to Breitbart, that "the money was a return payment for money Joe Biden lent him."

Republican James Comer (KY) is the man who has spearheaded the investigation into the Biden financial web.

That's how Comer knows that James Biden's explanation is complete nonsense. He said:

This check that Jim Biden wrote to Joe Biden came on the same day he received a 200,000-dollar loan from a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and today is bankrupt. On the check to Joe Biden, his brother put "loan repayment." Now, the White House is saying that Joe Biden loaned his brother money. I don’t believe he did.

"Let’s say they pull something out of their rear end that says Joe Biden loaned Jim Biden money -- either way, we have James Biden’s personal bank records. I can say, with confidence, he had no money to pay Joe Biden back other than that 200,000-dollar wire that came from Americore Health company," Comer concluded.

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