Comer Defends Closed-Door Nature Of Hunter Biden Testimony

 December 2, 2023

There are only two weeks remaining until Hunter Biden's deposition in Congress, and despite the first son's requests, he's going to be testifying behind closed doors.

Despite that fact, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is calling this the "most transparent major congressional investigation in history."

Well, I think if Comer is going to claim that while still conducting questioning behind closed doors, then he has some explaining to do.

That's exactly what he tried to do recently.

"Democrats always create a false narrative ahead of potential peril," Comer said. "We have always planned on deposing the key witness in this entire investigation — that’s the president's son."

"We have hundreds of questions that we have to ask Hunter Biden," Comer said, claiming that a public forum is not an ideal setting for this type of fact-finding. "If you have a public hearing, we may get to 35, 40 questions with five minutes each way. In a deposition, we can easily get 400-plus questions in."